Stay healthy and alert inside your home


We usually treat our home as our havens, our sanctuary, and a place where we can rest and relax. We do keep in mind that if where inside of our home already we’re already safe from harm, pollution and accidents.

We tend to forget that everything is changing, now a day we’re not one hundred percent sure if were completely safe inside our home. Some people do realize that they became sick inside their home. There are some cases that the air inside of your home is more polluted compared with the air outside. And because we usually spend most of our time inside our home, the more were exposed to air pathogens the more we tend to be sick.

What will be the usual cause of this indoor pollution? This can be brought by synthetic materials such as paints, cleaning reagent and leaks that is coming from different chemical emissions. Some people are very sensitive and their system can react easily. Dust and dirt accumulation inside your home can trigger those allergies and other ailments.

Too much moisture inside your home is not a good sign also. Humidity can also be a factor to increase the moisture inside your home. Molds and mildew loves moist places, because that is the great place for them to grow and multiply fast. Molds and mildew is a common cause of allergic reaction for human, especially the respiratory system.

There are some companies that conduct home inspection to know if there are existing environmental problem within the residential area. And usually they ask the following three questions to home owners:

1.    Instances of leaks or flood in your home. Because as we’ve mentioned before molds really love water, so even small wet area can be their habitat. They can also be found hiding in attics, walls and ceilings.

2.    Are there any cases of unexplained sickness for your family member; such as headaches, respiratory problems and sudden coughing?

3.    Is your home properly ventilated? If your home has poor ventilation, and humidity stock inside, then surely molds will love to stay and multiply inside your home. Proper ventilation avoids the mold growth. Always keeps the air circulating freely.

If there is occurrence of molds in your home already or you’re suspecting already of their presence. If you don’t have enough knowledge on how to eradicate them, then ask for a professional help. They can identify the molds inside your home and they will also give you the best solution on how to destroy it.


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