Set and organize your home in an easy way


Clutter here, clutter there, oh clutter everywhere! Everywhere you look you know that there is something wrong inside your home and you know that you can do something about this mess. You just need time and effort to implement this project. There are few ways on how to set and organize your things and see its benefits immediately.

1. Assessment- assess where do u need to start. Always remember to start from the inner to outer, smallest to biggest. Inner and smaller things like drawer, organize it according to the needs. Finish it before starting another part of your home.

2. After assessment, proper planning is very important. Plan when you are going to start the project. Set a time table for each job that you’re going to do. Proper planning and time managing will make your project easy and hassle free. Set this project ahead of time to avoid pressure and mistake for your side. While doing the project avoid planning or doing other things, so that the project will finish smoothly.

3. No man is an island! Keep that in mind. You can’t do all things. There are things that only other people can do and you will definitely need their help when time comes. Ask friends or other member of the family to help with your project.

4. Plan and decide for the space. Before doing something with the area, make sure on what you want to do with it. Proper decision will lead you to a better outcome.

5. Before starting you must prepare the things you’ll need for your project.

• Materials/Products for cleaning such as broom, vacuum cleaner should be prepared.

• Items for labeling and compiling should be ready. So that all items should be label and identify properly.

• Containers and empty boxes must be around every time for some certain reasons like:

– It can serve as trash can
– Can accommodate items to be transfer to other area
– Can serve also as a gift box. Put those items that you’re planning to give to other people.
– Better be called as recycle box for papers and plastic materials.
– If you’re planning to put a garage sale and you don’t have enough closet or table to put up your things, then this box will surely help you.

6.Remove everything; take it out of its area. After that decide which do you want to keep and remove.

7.After removing your things, clean and polish those surfaces to make it look new again.

8.Save only what is useful for you, remember that you’re organizing and de cluttering, those things you think useless for you already, never bring it back.

9.Finish what you have started, don’t leave things hanging around.

10.Lastly the most important thing to do is to maintain. To keep your home look fresh and organize proper maintenance is important. And make a habit of cleaning the area before leaving.

Always follow the policy “Clean as you go” and you will have a fantastic outcome.


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